Back to school!

Two Point Campus Is Much More Exciting Than Real School

Two Point Studio has officially revealed its latest game, Two Point Campus, and honestly? it looks better than real school.

Featuring familiar gameplay to those that have played management sims in the past, this time with an academic aesthetic, Two Point Campus is the successor to the 2018 quirky hospital builder, Two Point Hospital. While both games feature a similar style of simulator mechanics, Two Point Campus is set to take the formula to new heights. Check out the trailer!

YouTube video

Unlike Two Point Hospital, this brand new University sim will feature the ability to build outdoors. It’s nice to go outside every once and a while! The game will also focus more on the students enrolled at your campus, in contrast to the hectic nature of Two Point Hospital’s never-ending flow of patients.


Of course, while Two Point Campus is an academic simulator, the game is also a bona fide parody. From making giant pizzas to having a “Knight school”, this campus is anything but a traditional place of learning. However, much like an actual college or university, it’ll be up to the player to cater to the needs of their students, which in turn will ensure the continuous flow of tuition fees.

Two Point Campus Pizza
Credit: Two Point Studios]

So, if you miss the glory days of college or just fancy seeing what student life is all about, then you should probably check out Two Point Campus. While the game’s academic term won’t start until 2022, Sega is offering players a free in-game item for those who sign up to the game’s mailing list.

Two Point Campus is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022. Are you excited for more Two Point shenanigans? Join the conversation on our social channels. Fancy playing doctors and nurses? You can also grab the first game in the series, Two Point Hospital, via the GameByte Shop!

Two Point Campus Screenshot
Credit: Two Point Campus


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