Ubisoft Officially Announces New Assassin’s Creed Game and Where it Will be Set

This announcement by Ubisoft late on yesterday confirms what some rumours have said. The name of the game will be ‘Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’ which the rumours actually got incorrect. It was believed that the games name was actually ‘Assassin’s Creed Dynasty’.

What the rumours did get correct though was that it was going to be set in Greece. As you can see from the teaser trailer below. The trailer shows one soldier kicking a man off of a cliff. Very similar to what we see in the film 300 which was of course set in Greece.

The next shot shows the logo of the game which has a traditional looking spartan helmet which again makes us believe that this game will be set in Greece.

On the soldier doing the kicking we can also see him carrying a sword by his side and a bow on his back. This could mean we have a similar combat system and set up that we had in Assassin’s Creed Origins. Many people liked the combat in Origins, myself included, and would love to see the series have the same system again. Of course with some needed tweaks and additions.

Other things fans loved about Origins was the upgrade system. Where you could spend points that you gained from levelling up on upgrading and acquiring new abilities. We hope to see this still implemented into the game.

This reveal comes very soon after the Fallout 76 reveal and when I said ‘The ramp up for E3 has officially begun’ I didn’t expect to have something so big so soon.

It can be said that Ubisoft didn’t actually want to release this trailer just yet. There was a piece of merchandise leaked onto Twitter not long before this trailer was released. This merch had the name and the iconic Spartan helmet on it.

What makes me think that this reveal was rushed is the way that the ‘See you at E3’ wording is seen. It looks out of place to the rest of the image and doesn’t have the same shadow as the rest of the words in the video. This makes me thinks that there was a panic at Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creeds Headquarters and they had to get this out as fast as possible.

Are you excited to see Assassin’s Creed Odyssey at E3 and will you be picking it up?