Fortnite’s Latest Skins, Gliders and Pickaxes have Been Leaked – Includes Robbers and Super Villains

Every patch that comes out Epic Games hide some new skins, gliders and pickaxes away in the games code. Luckily for us there are people who dive into the code and find these new skins for us.

With this weeks update it is no different. There are plenty of new skins and accessories for you to pick up if you fancy a new skin to run around the map with.

Two epic buddies have been leaking skins over the past few months so we can assume that these are legitimate and will be in the shop over the coming few days or maybe couple of weeks.


Gliders, Back Bling and Pickaxes

Weekly Challenge Loading Screens

If you look closely you can see the battle stars that you can collect for this week and the next.

On the top image you can see it agains the wall above the red crab painting. This location appears to be in the prison just above Moisty Mire.

The bottom image you can see the battle pass star above the large knife and fork on the right hand side of the image. This location is believed to be above Snobby Shores as you can see the secret bunker in the background which is in the mountain near there.

Happy hunting!