Ubisoft Ordered to Remove Fan-Made GoldenEye Maps In Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has allegedly been ordered by MGM to remove the fan-made GoldenEye 007 maps in Far Cry 5 from it’s Arcade mode.

Owners of Far Cry 5 can create their levels in the Arcade mode, a mode that sadly will not be returning in the upcoming Far Cry 6.

You may remember back in June this year the awesome recreation of the legendary N64 game GoldenEye 007 from a talented map editor.

YouTube video

According to previous reports, the recreation of the N64 classic which was near perfection had taken its creator ‘Krollywood’ around three long years to create. 

Unfortunately, it has now been reported that MGM (the company that created James Bond) has allegedly sent an email to Ubisoft ordering that the GoldenEye 007 maps are to be deleted.


goldeneye 007
Credit: Rare/Nintendo

In an article covered by mp1st, news of the takedown was first revealed in a comments section of a recent video uploaded by Krollywood. The video was talking about the new Archives map which impressively had some new areas that weren’t included in the N64 original.

YouTube video

This is sad news for not only Krollywood but for those that have been enjoying their fan-made maps. However, there is some hope that Krollywood’s work might survive with a little name tweaking.

Responding to a comment on the YouTube video, Krollywood said: “maybe a re-release is possible, just with some little changes in names like “GoldenEye”, “Natalya” etc. The GoldenEye 25 project was stopped by MGM, too. But they continue the work just with new characters. Maybe it’s the solution for me.

While the re-created GoldenEye 007 maps are free to download for those that own Far Cry 5, perhaps the issue with MGM is the possibility of Far Cry 5 getting a bump in sales. However, that is mere speculation on my part.

Bought the game recently just for your work. Been really enjoying it. I’m very excited for all the multiplayer levels you’re making. Thank you!!” said a user commenting on the recent video.

It’s a shame that the great work from Krollywood might go to waste. Let’s hope a workaround can be found.

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Featured Image Credit: Rare / Ubisoft / Krollywood