Unique Games for Under £20 on Steam

The appearance of Steam was not unlike an oasis in the desert – it finally made PC-gamers able to compete on even grounds with console gamers. That is to say – it’s not that they couldn’t before it, just that it really changed the game.

Steam is the only platform many PC-gamers use now (unless companies like EA force you to also use theirs at the same time) making it THE central location for games. In addition to AAA titles, it is also an excellent source for smaller or indie titles. In other words – people flock to Valve no matter what games they’re into.

This is justified as you can find just about any and every kind of game here. We’ve collected some of the most unique games you can pick up for cheap on Steam – and nowhere else.

1. Subnautica

Subnautica has become pretty well-known since its appearance on the Steam lineup – it started out as an uncertain Early Access title but turned into a pretty amazing success. Unlike so many titles, this one steadily progressed and eventually managed to make it all the way to a full publication a little while ago.

What’s so amazing about it? It’s an underwater exploration game – you swim, dive and build, just like in other exploration games…all the while managing your limited oxygen and the local fauna, most of which wants to eat you. If you haven’t tried this game yet, you absolutely should. It’s rather exceptional.

2. Octodad

If you’re looking for a serious experience…keep looking. This game is pure comedy. You’re piloting an octopus while trying to pretend that you’re human to your family – don’t worry, they are all perfectly normal. The whole game consists of you doing perfectly normal tasks while trying not to get caught as an octopus.

We don’t normally recommend things like this, but this game is an absolute experience to have while somewhere between slightly drunk and flat-out sloshed. It’s not too difficult otherwise, but a shot or five really add a layer to this one.

3. Goat Simulator

Simulation games don’t tend to rank too highly on the excitement-scale – that’s not their point. That’s okay too, but if it happens to be what keeps you from playing this type of game, you may actually want to give this one a try.

Here you are playing one of several goats, and you are basically god – nothing can stop a fully modded out god, whether it’s in an MMO simulator, a coastal town or some backwater town. Whatever you’re thinking this game is, forget it. You’ll be sacrificing people, summoning demons, and messing sh*t up. Lots of that.

4. Portal 1 & 2

If you somehow made it to the year 2018 without knowing what Portal is, you’ve probably recently fallen through a time-portal or awoken from a long coma. Welcome friend, things have changed. If it’s neither of those two, you’ve really got no excuse. Portal is all but synonymous with gaming – it’s easily one of the most recognisable titles in PC gaming, and with good reason! The puzzle game is everything great about playing games on your PC – it’s pretty, it’s smart and it’s just the right mix of easy and challenge.

Also, it has cake. Sure, it’s a lie, but that’s still a one-up to all games not featuring any cake at all. We don’t know why they even made those, honestly. Cake is life.

5. Hatoful Boyfriend

Dating sim games are their own little world in the gaming business – if it’s not your thing you probably steer clear as far as possible, and if it IS your thing, you probably agree that Toma is completely crazy and that Kent is sugar without needing to look up who they are. If you don’t know, don’t find out. This is not for you.

Now, Hatoful Boyfriend is it’s own thing even in the world of dating sims. Here you, a human girl, are out to get you some sweet bird. We don’t mean girls, we mean actual feathered birds. Specifically, different types of pigeons. It’s exactly as weird as it sounds, but it has some surprisingly redeeming aspects, such as a clever backstory, and some really sexy birds…did we mention the sexy birds? Just beware of the serial killer among your love prospects.

6. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Ok, ok we know what you’re thinking – what’s unique about this? There are plenty other games that are similar, like Call of Duty or Battlefield and so on. That’s true, but this one is Steam exclusive – despite it’s obvious shortcomings like the often toxic players, it is an incredibly well-made game. While you personally may not enjoy it, it still has a gigantic online following and eSports scene – that alone earns it a spot on this list.