Video games leaker ‘The Snitch’ pledges to stop leaking announcements

Reliable video games leaker “The Snitch” retires from being the bane of AAA publishers and developers across the world.

The Snitch is quite possibly the most reliable and accurate leaker of information on social media. Shared on his Twitter account, the Snitch would post cryptic tweets leaking announcements just days, sometimes hours prior to an official reveal is made.

However, in an exclusive interview with Tom Henderson of Insider Gaming, The Snitch has announced his retirement. What’s more, it’s quite fitting that Henderson has broken this news, who just so happens to be another reliable source of leaked info.

Why is The Snitch retiring?

Simply put, it seems The Snitch isn’t having as much fun leaking information to his Twitter followers as much as he used to. “It’s been quite an exciting year and 2023 is looking amazing, with a number of amazing games, but let’s face it, it’s not so much fun [for me] leaking new announcements anymore,” he told Henderson.

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Credit: Activision Blizzard

The Snitch explained that users only ever wanted to know when GTA 6 will release and if Lionel Messi would be a Fortnite character. This, in the end, contributed to the fun being sucked out of his leaks.

Why did The Snitch begin leaking video games?

Furthermore, The Snitch explained to Henderson that it all started with leaking information about one of Hideo Kojima’s rumoured games, Overdose. He said that wanted a story to tell friends of the time he leaked that particular game.

hideo kojima
Credit: Kojima Productions

However, when The Snitch’s leaks grew far more traction than expected, he wanted to do it more. The Snitch also explained why he’d leak games cryptically, and it was simply because it was fun to do so.

What is the use of posting: “Final Fantasy: Rebirth is coming to X platforms”?”, he said. “Yes, I could make money, probably gain 10k new followers and boost my ego, but then again, it’s not fun.

He continued: “There was nothing better than posting a tweet and watching everyone come up with crazy new ideas about what it could mean.

What’s next for The infamous leaker?

discord the snitch
Credit: Discord

The Snitch told Henderson that he will now focus on his Discord server which currently has 8,000 members and counting. “The community we have built is incredible.” He adds: “It’s a space where you can talk about video games, speculate, and news, where there is not even a trace of console warfare.

This isn’t the first time that a popular leaker of information has left platforms such as Twitter. In October 2022, Nibel left the social media platform, saying goodbye to over 450,00 followers.

Are you sad that The Snitch has ended his leaking shenanigans? Let us know across our social media channels. Oh and finally, thank you Snitch!

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