Video Shows Streamer Getting Shot In The Leg By Security Guard

A clip of a livestreamer apparently being shot in the leg by a security guard has been making the rounds on Reddit.

Shared on the r/livestreamfails subreddit, the post has blown up with people offering their take on the events in the video. In the clip, which you can watch below (bear in mind it’s NSFW), the streamer approaches a Synagogue reportedly in Los Angeles. His filming of a security guard seems to anger the guard, who then unholsters his weapon and shoots the streamer in the leg.


One Redditor commented some context to the clip reportedly from the OP, writing: “Before: Streamer finds Synagogue whilst walking around L.A thinks it is cool so they start to record it. Security Guard instantly asks why they are recording (no response), so the guard pulls out their phone to record as well.

“Streamer starts to walk away and security guard follows them (Its a big Synagogue). The security guard seems to be on edge a bit since the streamer comes off as suspicious and puts his hand on his gun. The streamer walks towards the security guard and the guard tells the streamer to stay away (so the streamer stands still).

Credit: Pixabay

“They stare at each other for a good few minutes now. The streamer starts to ‘troll him’ by walking across him but keeping the same distance (keep in mind the streamer has not said 1 word in this whole event). The streamer then goes back and gets closer to the guard whilst the guard constantly says ‘stay there’ multiple times (Streamer keeps their distance). Streamer says the guard un-holsters his weapon and that it is illegal. He walks away but ends up walking back because he suspects someone called the cops and the security guard will get in trouble.

“(Events on this video occur)

“After: The guard starts to somewhat taunt the streamer and other citizens see the streamer got shot, so they tell the guard to drop his weapon, they help the streamer and call the cops. So, the cops come and ask a few questions, see if there is any blood and decide to handcuff the streamer.

“They ask them a few questions about the event, if they have their ID, how bad is the injury etc…The streamer gets annoyed with cops behaviour and treatment, they tell the streamer to relax. They finally help the streamer up and get them some treatment for their leg. The camera is left on the ground until the police officer grabs it and gives it to the streamer. The streamer shows the bullet wound and ends the stream afterwards.

Credit: Pixabay

“EDIT: Looks like the guard was arrested and charged for assault with a deadly weapon: Credit to OP for the update.”

People are weighing in on who’s ‘to blame’ for the shooting – the guard who used his weapon despite being protected by a gate, or the streamer who ‘taunted’ him?

What’s your opinion?

Featured Image Credit: Twitch.