Viggo Mortensen Says He’d Be Happy To Return As Aragorn

The Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen has stated that he’s ready to return as King Aragorn, should the opportunity arise.

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It’s been 18 long years since Mortensen played the role of Aragorn in the Peter Jackson adaptations of the J.R.R Tolkien novels, and it’s great to know that the actor is still keen on reprising any potential role.

It’s worth keeping in mind that, at least as far as I’m aware, there’s been no talk of any new The Lord of the Rings movies, only the series from Amazon.

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During an interview with Collider, Viggo Mortensen was asked if he’d ever be interested in returning to the role of King Aragorn and the actor said: “Yeah, why not?

However Mortensen didn’t mention a continuation of the movie trilogy or prequels, but rather spoke about the endless possibilities of Tolkien’s universe in the world of The Lord of the Rings.

Credit: New Line Cinema

Tolkien, that’s a universe. There are so many influences.” said the actor. “The foundation of his stories is Celtic mythology and history, and Nordic mythology and history, and languages. That’s fascinating. There are endless amounts of things you can learn and have fun adapting to the big screen or the little screen.

Mortensen then spoke about the upcoming Lord of the Rings series from Amazon, though it seems that the actor is in the dark as to what stories the series will tell.

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I don’t know much about what they’re doing. I know there’s shooting in New Zealand, so I assume they’re taking advantage of the people there that have gone through it, especially Peter Jackson and his team.

He continued: “That’s all I know. I don’t even know who’s in it. I don’t know what angle they’re taking on Tolkien, or what the Tolkien estate is allowing them to shoot. I don’t even know. I don’t know anything about it, but I’m looking forward to seeing it.

In recent news from Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series, actor Elijah Wood who played Frodo Baggins in the Peter Jackson adaptations described the title of the Amazon series as “very bizarre”.

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