VR Makes No Man’s Sky Look Unbelievably Good

When No Man’s Sky was first announced it looked like the most glorious universe imaginable and players couldn’t wait to start exploring.

Unfortunately, the game launched to mixed reviews, but a few years and a few huge patches down the line and No Man’s Sky is finally the game we all wanted.

Credit: Hello Games

One of the best additions to the Hello Games title is the virtual reality capabilities, as it seems like VR and NMS were destined for each other.

People can’t get enough of how awe-inspiring the title looks in VR, and it’s honestly something that needs to be seen to be believed.

Give the following video a watch but be warned – it might make you want to buy a VR headset if you don’t already have one.

YouTube video

Suddenly real life looks more boring than ever.

Over on Twitter people are singing their praises for the VR title, with lots of people getting ready to dig out their dusty old VR headsets because yes, VR’s time might finally have come thanks to Hello Games.

Credit: Hello Games

Not only does it look stunning, but it’s also set to be an incredibly hands-on experience that will see you harvesting, lifting and other IRL movements to really get you invested in your space travel.

The best part is that if you own No Man’s Sky already then the update will be free!

Unfortunately it’s not available for download  as of yet, but it’s due in Summer 2019 so hopefully we won’t have too long to wait.

Credit: Hello Games



Featured Image Credit: Hello Games