WATCH: Video Appears To Show Off Samsung’s Upcoming Foldable Phone

Our mobile phones have gone through a natural evolution over time, with some classic designs still holding a place in our hearts. The flip phone, for example, will forever be an icon of the before-touchscreen era (let’s face it, if you didn’t have a Motorola RAZR then you definitely weren’t a cool kid in school).

Jump-cut to 2019 and Samsung has just unveiled what could be the next big thing for phone designs – the foldable phone, a project that the company has been hinting about since last year.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung Vietnam recently uploaded – and quickly removed – a video teaser for the company’s huge tech event occurring later this month, Unpacked, which will be taking place on 20th February. In the teaser you can clearly see a foldable phone.

The phone, which unlike early 2000s flip phones, opens from the side like a book.

Samsung isn’t the first company to come up with this though. Back in November last year, Royole Corporation – a small Chinese tech company – showed off its foldable handhelds to journalists.

Credit: Royole Corporation

As for Samsung’s take on the folding future, one YouTube channel is claiming to have re-uploaded the since-deleted video, posting it as an “unlisted” video that you can watch below.

The video’s description states: “Teaser video posted by Samsung Vietnam offers a glimpse at a plausible concept of the foldable smartphone.”

YouTube video

It’s not yet clear whether the video is real or not, but it definitely looks like something we could expect from the tech giant.

As for the phone itself, it could be a concept piece that’s still in development, or this could really be it.

Would you like to get your hands on this foldable Samsung, or is this technology that 2019 just doesn’t need?

Featured Image Credit: Samsung.