We Love This Dante ‘Devil May Cry’ Statue But It Costs A Lot

You can buy this amazing Dante statue from Devil May Cry 5 for the mere price of just £3000! Someone call Bargain Hunt!

As reported by Eurogamer (via Siliconera), this amazing Devil May Cry statue is pretty much an exact likeness of the Dante that starred in 2019’s DMC5.

The statue is said to be a “real-life quality” version of Dante, and judging by the pics, it seems to be just that. The Dante statue created by Prime1 Studio is 43” tall with artificial hair and a silicon body, as well as an alternative head and more.

dante dmc5
Credit: Capcom

Wearing his iconic red coat, Dante also comes with his Rebellion sword and the Ebony & Ivory pistols. The statue also weighs a meaty 30 kilos.

The release of the half-scale Dante statue is in celebration of the DMC 20th anniversary and is expected to ship between November 2022 and February 2023. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the £3000 price tag does not include shipping or custom/import tax fees.

Prime 1 Studio’s tailors have been able to painstakingly recreate Dante’s long coat in exacting detail due to this statue’s immense scale. Inspect each and every stitch, and you won’t be disappointed,” says the creator of the statue.

The detail is amazing!

Marvel at the threadbare qualities of his Henley shirt, created to call back to his signature look from the game. We’ve employed real, metal hardware in his clothes: from the rivets on his shoulders to the zippers on his sleeves. Even his finely-tailored pants have a belt with a gleaming buckle and functional riveting.

dmc 5 dante statue
Credit: Prime1 Studio/Capcom

Not to be outdone by the fine craftsmanship of the clothing, Dante’s paints have taken advantage of his grand scale as well. We’ve been able to tone his skin to a lifelike degree like never before, rendering his face and arms as realistically as we could to match the realism of his clothes. And by painting his weapons with a realistic quality, we’ve made sure to bring out the visual weight of not only Rebellion, but also of Ebony and Ivory.

If the £3000 tag is out of your price range, there is another version available for £1900. However, the cheaper version does not come with alternative heads and realistic hair.

YouTube video

Both versions of the Dante statues are available to pre-order via Prime1 Studio right now.

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Featured Image Credit: Prime1 Studios/Capcom