What Is A Rune Arc In Elden Ring? – Everything You Need To Know

For players who have been getting good in the Lands Between from day one, Runes will be a well-known hot commodity. Runes are probably the most valuable item in Elden Ring, and not just because they serve as a form of currency. Runes aren’t just for buying items, they can also be used for experience points and help players grow stronger past their level caps.

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Activating Great Runes – What Is A Rune Arc In Elden Ring?

Great Runes are a cut above the standard Runes above. Held by in-game bosses, they can be dropped once defeating them to unlock some great abilities that will compliment a player’s build. The first Great Rune ripped from the clutches of Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon will already be activated, but this is the only Great Rune in-game that’s pre-activated.

Players will need to activate their Great Rune by travelling to the Divine Tower specified in the Great Runes description. Simple right? Well, this is where we’ll answer the question “What is a Rune Arc in Elden Ring?”

What Is A Rune Arc In Elden Ring?

Whilst players can activate their Great Runes at the specified Divine Tower, players will need to have a Rune Arc to activate the full power of an activated Great Rune. We think this gameplay mechanic was a Friday afternoon idea at the FromSoftware office…

Regardless, Rune Arcs come in handy for a temporary health boost without a Great Rune equipped. However Rune Arcs work best when used in conjunction with a Rune Arc, why not have a bit of fun experimenting with Great Runes that compliment a character build the best?


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