Golden Scarab In Elden Ring Location – What You Need To Know

The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring allows users to collect more runes dropped by defeated enemies across The Lands Between by around 20%. This means it’s really useful when farming for runes (more of farming runes right here).

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

The issue is that finding the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring without any hints or tips is going to be incredibly hard. Don’t worry, we’ve decided to drop a quick guide on how to find the Golden Scarab talisman so users can get back to farming runes and cracking skulls. 

The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring Location

Users will need to make their way to Caelid, which is the big red blob at the end of the Northeastern road that stems from the Summonwater Village Outskirts. Next, users will need to make their way to the Abandoned Cave, which is quite tricky to find as it’s a secret location and not easy to find.

Players will be best approaching the location pictured from the East of the Smoldering Wall as it will be inaccessible from any other location. The ‘secret’ Abandoned Cave can be accessed by walking across the tree root that is growing across the mountain crevice that is lit with purple ominous lights. Again, this can only be found by approaching the location from the East.

Once inside, users will need to make their way through the Crimson Rot as quick as possible. It’s important to note that players will need to bring plenty of healing consumables with them, as there are a couple of tough bosses ahead too.

The Golden Scarab in Elden Ring Location Bosses

After wading through the dexterity and health draining Crimson Rot, players will need to face the two Cleanrot Knights. Luckily for players (sarcasm), these two Knights come as a pair. Sporting golden armour complete with clumps of crimson fur, Cleanrot Knights wields a sword and spear. 

They are optional bosses of course, but players will need to strike them down in order to gain the Golden Scarab in Elden Ring. Once obtained, the Golden Scarab talisman allows users to collect up to 20% more runes from fallen enemies. 

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