Larval Tears Elden Ring – What Are They and Where To Find Them

Larval Tears Elden Ring are a key item in The Land in Between as they allow players to respec their characters, although getting to the area and finding Rennala is quite a challenge in itself. Don’t sweat it, we’re going to walk players through how to get Larval Tears Elden Ring and also how to get to Rennala.

Elden Ring FAQ: Every Guide You’ll Need

How To Get Larval Tears Elden Ring

Before gaining access to Rennalas’ rebirth abilities, users will need to go and hunt down some Larval Tears. They are rare but can be found if players know where to look. The easiest way to get Larval Tears Elden Ring is to visit the Nomadic Merchant in the Siofra River area. Users can buy Larval Tears for 3000 runes, click here for our top four rune farming locations. Here are a few tips on where to find them:

  • Defeat the Crayfish monster in the middle of Liurnia Lake, who will then drop a Larval Tear.
  • To the South-West of Liurnia Lake, the Village of the Albinaurics holds a Larval Tear amongst its loot drops.
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Academy of Raya Lucaria – Larval Tears Elden Ring

The crux of this whole process is users can physically access the area pretty early on, but two pretty touch bosses will be standing in the way. Something that is no surprise for Elden Ring and FromSoftware in general.

Serving as part of the ‘Legacy Dungeons’ narrative, Academy of Raya Lucaria is best tackled in this order:

Players will then need to face and (more or less) defeat Rennala, Queen of the Full Moon. Instead of killing her, she will admit defeat before reaching zero health and offer her rebirth service. This is how players can respec their characters providing they have the Larval Tears Elden Ring item.

Looking for more help with Elden Ring? No problem, click here for our other Elden Ring guide content.


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