WIN A Brand New EPOS H3 Headset (GameByte Competition)

GameByte is back with another great opportunity for you to win something cool! This time it’s the brand new EPOS H3 Headset. How do you enter? It’s simple, you just need to check out the entry form below!

Win an EPOS H3 Headset

EPOS have a long history of delivering great audio products. We’ve gone hands on (or should that be ears on?) with various headsets they’ve released in the past and we can’t wait to eventually check out the H3’s.

You can find out more about the H3 by checking out the press release for it below or by heading to the EPOS website.

An image showing off the EPOS H3 headset
Credit: EPOS

The Power of Audio

Building on 115 years of audio engineering expertise, the H3 continues the company’s legacy of uncompromised clarity to deliver booming bass and crisp highs for exceptional realism. Combining proven premium sound quality and entry-level pricing, the H3 opens new worlds for players looking to expand their gaming experience and take it to the next level. Further improved audio technology delivers the cues needed for quick reaction times, expected by only the best sound peripherals in gaming. An intuitive volume control on the right ear cup allows for easy adjustments mid-game with the turn of a wheel.

Crisp Mic Quality

The H3 delivers crystal-clear team chat for precise communications that are essential to gaining the winning edge in multiplayer games. A studio-quality microphone transmits clear audio while effortlessly reducing unwanted background noise to instantly fortify essential team plays. The headset’s boom arm clicks upwards for quick lift-to-mute functionality.

An image showing off the EPOS H3 headset around the neck
Credit: EPOS

Multiplatform Plug-and-Play Functionality

The H3 boasts the capability to seamlessly connect to all devices with a 3.5 mm jack port, including PC, Mac OSX, Nintendo Switch™, Sony PlayStation® and Xbox® devices. The interchangeable one or two-prong 3.5 mm cable offers quick switches between devices for an array of uninterrupted gaming sessions. The H3 is fully compatible with all EPOS external sound cards, including the GSX 300 and GSX 1200 PRO.

Supreme Comfort

Crafted with the EPOS standard of high-quality materials, the H3 offers a refreshed take on gaming headset design for a lightweight yet robust profile. Stainless steel sliders in the headband, hinged earcups and durable padding ensure lasting comfort for gaming sessions of any length. Similarly, ergonomic ear cups and closed-back design guarantee passive noise attenuation.

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“The H3 is the perfect headset for players who want to elevate their gaming experience to the next level, while adding value to preconceived expectations of premium entry-level audio products. Quality audio is a core component of how games open new worlds, and the H3 delivers on the promise to take us there,” said Maja Sand-Grimnitz, Director of Global Marketing at EPOS.

Featured image credit: EPOS