Could it be true?

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Remake Reportedly In Development

New Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic rumours have resurfaced like the spirit of Luke Skywalker.

Rumours of beloved RPG classic Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic are nothing new.  In fact, the rumours of a remake feel like they go back further than the KOTOR lore itself, which dates back to around 4,000 years prior to the events of Episode IV: A New Hope.

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Yet still, the remake rumours will not go away. However, this time they come courtesy of reputable video games journalist Jason Schreier of Bloomberg (via PCGamesN).


When asked during an interview with MinnMax about the long-rumoured Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake, Schreier said: “There is something there. It’s real.

Who Could Be Involved in the Knights of the Old Republic Remake?

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What’s even more interesting is that during the interview Schreier even name drops Aspyr Media as the development team working on the alleged remake.  

If you’ve heard the name Aspyr before, that’s because this studio has been linked to the KOTOR remake in the past.


Aspyr has a history with remastering ports. Not only did they handle the mobile versions of Knights of the Old Republic on mobile, but they also handled console ports for Star Wars: Jedi Knight – Jedi Academy, Star Wars: Episode I – Racer and more recently, Star Wars: Republic Commando.

However, Aspyr has mostly handled remasters/ports rather than full remakes in the past. This fact leads me to believe that the rumoured Knights of the Old Republic remake might actually be a remaster? Either would be great, in my opinion!

screenshot of KOTOR2-mobile
Credit: Aspyr Media

There have been rumblings of Knights of the Old Republic 3 in the past. However, when you consider that KOTOR and KOTOR2 released way back in 2003 and 2004 respectively, it would make sense to remaster or remake the two original games before KOTOR3 arrives. 


At least if we get remasters/remakes of the two original KOTOR games we can refresh fans’ memories. Even better, it might introduce new fans into the series at the same time!

With all that said, we must keep in mind that these reports are currently unconfirmed rumours. As ever, we’re taking all speculation with a pinch of salt.

Even if it’s not confirmed yet, are you excited at the prospect of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic being remade? Let us know across our social media channels.



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Featured Image Credit: Aspyr Media