Windows 11 Promises To Be The ‘Best For Gaming’, But Is It?

Love it or hate it, your gaming PC probably runs Windows. While some gamers opt to use alternative operating systems like Linux, Windows 10 is usually what you’ll end up with if you purchase a PC or laptop. However, with Windows 11 on the horizon, that might be about to change.

Thankfully, while changing operating systems is usually a daunting task for those who game, Microsoft has apparently dubbed its new operating system the “Best Windows for gaming”. Is this statement actually true? Let’s find out!

Credit: Microsoft

According to a recent Microsoft Blog by the company’s marketing general manager, Aaron Woodman, the next version of Windows is “designed to bring you closer to what you love”. While the blog lists a multitude of tasks and functionality that could be “loved” by some users, the blog focuses on gaming in particular. Y’know, the thing we’re actually interested in.

So, what exactly makes Windows 11 the “best” when it comes to gaming? Well, Woodman claims that the operating system unlocks “the full potential” of your chosen device. Of course, Woodman goes on to back up this statement by name dropping DirectX12 Ultimate, auto HDR and Xbox Game Pass, all of which are available on Windows 10.

Windows 11 Dirextx 12 ultimate
Credit: Nvidia

However, the GM also lists DirectStorage, which helps games load instantly on PC. While, again, this is available on Windows 10, its functionality is limited. This is where Windows 11 perhaps triumphs, as the OS’s improved storage stack means that DirectStorage can perform exactly the way it was intended to.

Is Windows 11 better for gaming?

So, is Windows 11 going to be the “best” operating system for gaming? Well, maybe! While the experience is fairly similar to Windows 10, Microsoft has likely optimised features, like DirectStorage, for its new operating system. That being said, recent bench tests by Linus Tech Lips have indicated that Windows 11 compromises game performance with the way it manages CPU cores. So, depending on what processor you’re currently using, you might want to hold off on upgrading.

Here’s hoping that Windows 11 gives gamers some sort of boost in performance once it goes gold. While the operating system should be reliable for the most part, Windows can occasionally be more of a help than a hindrance. As always, we’d suggest doing a bit of research before gracing your gaming PC with a new operating system.

Credit: Dell

Are you planning on upgrading your gaming rig to Windows 11? Perhaps you’re already using the OS? Let us know on our social media channels. In fact, if you’re still using Windows 95, then you’re also welcome. Everyone loves a bit of Space Cadet 3D Pinball, right?

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft