Wordle Is Now Available To Play On A Game Boy

Someone has managed to get the popular word guessing game Wordle running on an actual Game Boy.

Wordle is absolutely the game people are most talking about so far in 2022. Sure, Pokemon Legends: Arceus happened, but everyone knows that guessing a word is where it’s at right now. And so because of that we’ve seen a lot of clones of the game.

But the most interesting pseudo-clone of Wordle so far is definitely this version which is running on an actual Game Boy. This Game Boy take on Wordle was made by IT security researcher stacksmashing. And it looks so good that you could convince us Wordle really is a classic Game Boy game.

Technically, it doesn’t work the same way as the original game. Stacksmashing noted that they couldn’t fit in a big list of ‘real words.’ So the game uses a bloom filter to check whether your chosen word is amongst a list of the 8000 most common English words.

Stacksmashing also notes there currently is a high error rate. So if you try it out and your word is technically right but isn’t accepted, that might be why. You don’t need a Game Boy to try the game out either, as it’s playable on browsers too. But if you really want that retro feel, the ROM is available to download

The ‘real’ Wordle was recently acquired by The New York Times, apparently for a seven figure sum. Users’ records will apparently be transferred over once the move is complete. So you don’t need to worry about losing your streak.

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Featured Image Credit: Josh Wardle/ stacksmashing