World of Warcraft Classic Launch Causes Huge Warcraft PornHub Search Surge

Yes, you’ve read that headline correctly.  Thanks to the excitement of the World of Warcraft: Classic launch which overloaded its servers, while gamers waited in hour-long queues (if they were lucky) to get in on the action, some gamers went in search of other means of action while they waited.

So while waiting in long queues, what could you do to pass some time?  Play some play some Dr Mario or Pokémon Go on your phone?  Have a nose on your social media news feed or perhaps even check out some of the recent gaming news on GameByte?  Or, you could enjoy watching some porn and seeing as you’re that excited to get some World of Warcraft: Classic action, why not stick to the theme and enjoy Mage on Warlock on Paladin action?

Well that’s exactly what some gamers did do, causing surges to triple in World of Warcraft searches on porn website PornHub, because why not?  According to PornHub Insights, World of Warcraft related searches on the launch day of WoW: Classic had risen by 210%!

Video game porn parody’s are certainly nothing new and often follow on the tailcoats of popular video game franchises, such as Overwatch, Fortnite and of course World of Warcraft.  Basically whatever floats your boat, there’s a ship that sails for you. Usually at this point in the article, I’d ask you to share your thoughts across our social media channels.  However on this instance, let’s keep your thoughts private, for all our sake.