WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X – How To Fix

WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X is no fun when experiencing the most electrifying move in sports entertainment, the surprise rollout, or perfecting a stone cold stunner. Unfortunately, there are multiple reports regarding WWE2Ks performance on Phil Spencer’s powerhouse.

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From experiencing crashes during normal wrestling matches to playing the game’s side modes such as MyGM or Showcase, crashes still seem to be happening after its initial release.

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WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X – How To Fix

Let’s go through some easy to follow troubleshooting steps, starting with console settings, to get back on the robes and perfect that heal or face gimmick in the squared circle:

Restart The Game/console – WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X

WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X
Credit: 2K

Maybe the freeze is just a one-off? Let’s find out by hitting the Xbox button to bring up the guide menu. Next, highlight WWE 2K22 and hit the menu button on the controller. Finally, select ‘Quit’ and restart the game.

You’ll need to do a full restart for those with a completely frozen Xbox Series X/S console. Users can do this by holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

Power Cycle/ Clear Cache – WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X

We’d recommend power cycling the console for full console freezes just for good measure. Simply unplug the power chord from the back of the console once the Xbox Series X/S has powered down for 30 seconds.

WWE 2K22 DLC Release Dates

This dumps temporary files and gives Xbox a fresh boot. It’s worth doing once in a while if users have their console on standby mode. This is also known as clearing the system cache.


WWE 2K22 Crashing Xbox Series X
Credit: 2K

There’s a reason why the Xbox Series X has a big fan at the top, and likewise with the Series S. Making sure the console is in a well-ventilated space is key. Otherwise, they can overheat, freeze up and possibly break components inside the console.

We recommend placing a console in an open space, removing any back panels from entertainment centres and stands, and ensuring plenty of space above the console fan.

Stacking consoles, set-top boxes and the like is not recommended and can cause overheating issues regardless of ventilation space. Long story short, if it’s covering a vent or fan, remove it.


These should happen automatically for both the console and WWE2K22 games. They should also happen whilst Xbox Series X/S is in standby mode, so users will likely never see an update happen.

To manually update the Xbox Series X/S firmware, go to the ‘Profile & System’ tab in the guide menu and select settings. Next, go to System > Updates to see if the console in question needs an update or not.

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To update WWE 2K22, highlight the game on the Xbox Series X/S dashboard and press the menu button on the Xbox controller. Go for “Manage Game And Add Ons” and select “Updates”. if there’s a new update, this menu will give players the option to download it.

Again, updates are usually automatically downloaded and applied by default.

SSD Space And Save Data

Credit: 2K

Having a full internal drive can cause multiple performance issues. Whilst we know this is a challenge with game file sizes are only getting larger, we recommend buying an external HHD, SSD or expansion drive to store games that aren’t being played as much.

If freezes keep happening when only playing WWE 2K22, the save data file may be corrupt. Depending on how brave one is, try loading a new save or deleting your current save to try and resolve the issue.

Community Creations

Custom content may be causing WWE 2K22 to crash; this may be for various reasons. A major issue is that some uploads are corrupt, meaning players will need a trial and error mindset when trying out new custom arenas.

If the game keeps crashing in a certain arena, this is why. Otherwise, try deleting all community creations and then re-download the ones needed to test them.

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