Xbox Game Pass Added Over £4000 Worth Of Games This Year

Xbox Game Pass – the gift that keeps giving – added over $6,300, or roughly over £4500, worth of games during 2021, according to a new report.

The subscription service allows users to play and download games as long as their subscription is active. Microsoft released all of its major releases on the service this year, meaning subscribers played the likes of Forza Horizon 7 and Halo Infinite on launch day. 

The report arrives courtesy of The Loadout, which calculated the value of every new addition to the service throughout 2021. Every new game together came up to $6,317/£4,780. This of course doesn’t of course take into account the value of games which left the service, but this is still a great visual metaphor for how much the service offers. 

YouTube video

The report even managed to highlight which month was the most valuable for Game Pass subscribers. Following the acquisition of Bethesda, Mimcrosoft added a big collection of its games to the service. This meant that March was the most valuable month for subscribers. Microsoft added a whopping $964.67 worth of games – which included classics like Skyrim and Fallout. 

Xbox Game Pass has been Microsoft’s strongest asset in competing with Sony over the past two console generations. While Sony is ultimately leading with console sales, Microsoft has a huge install base for Game Pass across two generations of consoles and PC.

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[Featured Image Credit: Microsoft]