A Skyrim Player Found Their Ebony Blade Moving On Its Own

Skyrim will never cease to be a weird game, as a player has found their Ebony Blade would move every time they return home (thanks, ScreenRant).

Reddit user MrPathetic69 discovered that owning an Ebony Blade might not be so simple. Skyrim has 15 Daedric artifacts that you can acquire, the Ebony Blade being one of them. It’s a two handed sword that absorbs HP upon a hit, and if you kill friendly NPCs it can absorb more HP.

A useless weapon it certainly is not, but unless you want to kill the good guys, it’s more of a display item. But for MrPathetic69, displaying it didn’t prove to be so easy.

The Skyrim player hung their Ebony Blade in their home to display it. However, they found that every time they would leave their house and come back, the sword would ascend further upwards.

There likely isn’t an easy explanation for why this might have happened. Video games are difficult things to make perfect. There could be a whole host of reasons why the sword rises upwards like that. And we probably won’t find out anytime soon.

And it’s not the first time Skyrim has done something weird either. There was the time a solitary bee managed to carry an entire bucket by itself. And another player caught sight of a giant riding a dragon. Who could forget when a horse was spotted flying high up in the sky? There’s no shortage of strange occurrences in Skyrim, and it’s likely we’ll see many more to come.

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Featured Image Credit: MrPathetic69