Xbox Game Pass Catalogue Revealed For Late May

Microsoft has announced the catalogue of games coming for Game Pass members for the second half of May. Let’s take a look at what you can expect.

The start of the month saw a good selection of games heading to the Xbox subscription service. Now it looks as though the remainder of the month will follow suit. With 8 new titles available starting today, here’s what you can download for console and PC throughout May.

Xbox Game Pass Catalogue Revealed For Late May

FIFA 23 is perhaps the biggest title available this month and is free to download as of today (6pm BST | 10am PDT). The 30th and final instalment in the critically acclaimed FIFA series was released last September. Now, it will be available to subscribers of PC Game Pass and Ultimate. 

Arriving on May 18 will be Eastern Exorcist, a 2D side-scrolling RPG. Set in a fantastical Eastern setting, you play as an exorcist who must battle vicious spirits and monsters. Hand-drawn Chinese-style animations will accompany you on your journey of sorrow and joy. Eastern Exorcist will be available for Console and PC. 

Screenshot of Eastern Exorcist which arrives to Xbox Game Pass this May
Eastern Exorcist comes to Xbox Game Pass on May 18

Ghostlore will be available for console on May 18. With an ‘Eastpunk’ setting, this action RPG features a whole lot of monster slaying alongside a Southeast-Asian folklore-inspired tale. Inspired by titles such as Diablo, Ghostlore features character customisation, multi-class systems and an advanced skill-tree. 

Planet of Lana will be available on day one with Game Pass. The cinematic puzzle adventure tells the story of a young girl and her loyal friend as they embark on an epic journey. In a world overrun by machines and sci-fi creatures, you must navigate puzzles, action sequences and a story that stretches across generations.

Planet of Lana will be available for Console and PC on May 23.

And Even More

May 25 will see the arrival of Cassette Beasts for console. Although already available for the PC Game Pass, console users will now be able to get their hands on the open-world RPG.

Record the monsters you meet on your cassette tapes and then bring them out in battle to transform into the forms yourself. With turn-based battles and a huge roster of forms to become, Cassette Beasts is set to be an epic retro tale.

Gameplay screenshot from Cassette Beasts courtesy of Eurogamer
Cassette Beasts (Credit: Eurogamer)

Massive Chalice will head to Cloud and Console on May 25. The turn-based tactics video game started out on Kickstarter and sees you take on the role of an Immortal Ruler. Command your armies, arrange marriage to strengthen your bloodline and battle a mysterious creature during the 300-year war. 

Railway Empire 2 is the second game available on day one for Game Pass. The sequel to Railway Empire will see you grow your company into the largest railway company on the continent. Set in the early 1800s during the time of steam engines, this title will let you live out your entrepreneurial dreams when it releases on May 25 for Cloud, Console and PC.

Last but not least, Chicory: A Colourful Tale heads to Console and PC on May 30. The indie top-down adventure game is set in a colouring book setting and allows you to paint on pretty much anything. Paint, solve puzzles and make friends all in this colourful tale.  

Make sure to head over to the official Xbox site to see what else will be available this May.

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