Xbox Game Pass Misses Goal Despite Growth In Subscribers

Microsoft has revealed that despite the growth in subscribers for Xbox Game Pass, it has missed the target. Are execs worried?

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service which has both Xbox and PC options that was launched back in 2017. You can also play across devices with Ultimate (which also includes Xbox Gold). You can join for between £7.99-£10.99 per month – a touch more expensive than PlayStation Plus. There’s also been some rumours that Xbox Game Pass might partner with Steam – or be added to Switch.

Credit: Caspar Camille Rubin – Unsplash

So how well is Game Pass doing? It’s hard to keep a track of Game Pass subscribers – Microsoft don’t announce them often. The last number we have on record was 18 million subs from back in January. As reported by Eurogamer, the current figure is rumoured to be a little higher:

While Xbox Game Pass subscriptions exploded by 86% in the 19/20 financial year, 20/21 appears to have missed the mark. This story was originally broken by Axios Gaming, who revealed that while Game Pass subs were up 37%, this missed Microsoft’s target of 48%. 

Why does this target matter? Well, this was the only game-related metric on their executives’ objectives this year. And they missed it. Let’s hope they’ve beaten their LinkedIn and Microsoft Teams targets, I guess?

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft