Xbox Game Pass – What’s Arriving And Leaving This Month

It’s a new month, which means it’s new comings and goings for Xbox Game Pass. So, here’s what’s arriving and leaving this February.

After last month’s amazing Xbox Game Pass offerings, February has a lot to live up to. While this might not be quite the epic month, I think there’s at least a little something for everyone. That being said, here’s what we have to look forward to this February.

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Available from February 3

Contrast (Xbox, Cloud)

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Contrast was one of the first PlayStation 4 games when the console was released in 2013, before arriving on Xbox One in 2014. Developed by We Happy Few studio Compulsion Games, Contrast is a puzzle/platformer set in a dreamlike 1920s. Contrast cleverly uses light and shadows as a gameplay mechanic for the player to freely switch between. If you’ve got a spare few hours and fancy a spot of Achievement hunting, Contrast could be worth your time.

Dreamscaper (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

Credit: Afterburner Studios

Dreamscaper is a charming roguelike adventure that will have players venturing into two halves of the same world. During the day you will explore the wonderful city of Redhaven, getting to know the locals and upgrading your abilities. However, at night, you will face nightmares, creatures and dangers that will test even the most battle-hardened warrior.

Telling Lies (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

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Telling Lies is a narrative-based, interactive movie. Featuring full-motion videos, you must unravel the secrets of four characters played by Logan Marshall-Green, Kerry Bishé, Alexandra Shipp, and Angela Sarafyan. Will you discover who is telling the truth and who is telling lies? Ultimately, will you uncover the dark secrets that lie within the consciousness of a suspicious cast of characters?

Arriving from February 10

Besiege (Xbox, PC, Cloud) – Game Preview

Credit: Spiderling Studios

Besiege is described as a puzzle physics building game in which you must create weapons of war to annihilate fortresses and legions of soldiers. During the single player campaign, you must progress through lands and obstacles as unique as the last. Bringing the destruction and obliterating your enemies.

Crossfire X (Xbox)

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Crossfire X is developed in partnership with Alan Wake and Control studio Remedy Entertainment. Crossfire X is a first-person shooter with a single player campaign that requires you to:Take control of a Global Risk unit, as they traverse through enemy territory to save their captured teammate and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary group.

Edge of Eternity (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

Credit: Midgar Studio

Edge of Eternity is a turn-based battle gamecreated by a small team of passionate JRPG lovers.In Edge of Eternity, you play as Daryon and Selene, who are on a quest to find a cure for theall-consuming Corrosion.Which sounds like it’s a big deal, so good luck!

Skul: The Hero Slayer (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

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This is a “fast-paced” rogue-lite game that actually encourages you to lose your head. Yikes! Featuring over 100 playable characters each with unique abilities and items to craft, Skul: The Hero Slayer should keep you busy in the months to come.

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

Credit: Stage Clear Studios/Outright Games Ltd.

In a video game with one hell of a mouth full of a title, the fate of the world lies in your hands. In this semi-open world action RPG, you will fight off hordes of the undead in a post-apocalyptic world. From the small town of Wakefield, you can play as either Jack, Quint, June, or Dirk. To save the world, you don’t have to save the cheerleader. However, you will have to stop Malondre from obtaining the Staff of Doom!

Arriving from February 14

Ark: Ultimate Survivor Edition (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

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The ever-popular survival game Ark returns to Xbox Game Pass. However, this time it comes packed with DLC and expansions. Explore the lands populated by dinosaurs and mythical creatures. If you’re skilled enough, you may even tame and ride one of the deadly primaeval creatures. Build a new home either on your own or with other players online. Ark is the dino adventure in a land beyond time.

Infernax (Xbox, PC, Cloud)

Credit: Berzerk Studio/The Arcade Crew

In Infernax, you play a great knight that has triumphantly returned home. However, all is not what it used to be. Your homeland has been plagued by unholy magic and you embark on a quest to seek and destroy the source of its corruption.

Time to say goodbye!

That’s everything so far that is arriving to Xbox Game Pass in February, so what’s leaving? Unfortunately, there are some big games that are leaving the subscription service this month. Thankfully, if you wanted to keep any of the departing titles, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can benefit from a 20% discount for any of the games below you may purchase.

Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Leaving Xbox Game Pass this month:

  • Control (Xbox, PC, Cloud)
  • Code Vein (Xbox, PC, Cloud)
  • Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (Xbox, PC)
  • The Medium (Xbox, PC, Cloud)
  • Project Winter (Xbox, PC, Cloud)
  • The Falconeer (Xbox, PC, Cloud)
the medium key art
Credit: Bloober Team

What are you looking forward to playing most of all this month via Xbox Game Pass? Let us know across our social media channels.

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