Xbox Getting A Six Part Documentary Mini-Series Next Month

During yesterday’s 20 years of Xbox anniversary event, it was announced that the console would be getting a six part documentary mini-series all about its history.

The mini-series is titled Power On: The Story of Xbox, and will be released December 13. It will focus on the development of the original console, and how the team at Microsoft came together to make a brand new console. There will be an inside look at those early days and will contain the “untold story of the people behind the box, glitches and all,” according to Microsoft.

The trailer for the documentary does make it seem like it will be an honest look at the original Xbox. One person notes how big the controller is, needing “gorilla hands,” in order to hold it, how the first console was held together by “chewing gum and tape,” and even acknowledges the Xbox 360’s red ring of death. 

YouTube video

It’s rare that we get an insider’s look at the development of a console, warts and all. So the series is likely to prove interesting for a lot of Xbox fans. It’s likely to touch on some of the earlier games like Halo too. And with the surprise Halo Infinite multiplayer drop that should be a good watch. 

The Xbox anniversary event also had some other updates as well. Over 70 new games are being added to the backwards compatibility list, including the original NieR and Mirror’s Edge. Both also received an FPS boost, as well as other games.

Unfortunately, those 70+ new games are set to be the last added to the list. But it is impressive what Xbox has accomplished up to this point. Even if it’s missing titles like Jet Set Radio Future.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft