Spider-Man: No Way Home Might Rival Endgame In Runtime

Spider-Man: No Way Home seems like it’ll have plenty of characters to pack in, which is probably why the runtime is looking quite lengthy.

Marvel just dropped a brand new trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man movie, and it’s proving to be quite the hit. After the Marvel Cinematic Universe seemingly culminated in 2019’s Endgame, it’s hit a lull recently as it introduces audiences to new characters and storylines.

This will be the first big movie release to kick off the new MCU narrative which seems to revolve around breaching the multiverse. Some fans reckon that they’ve even spotted Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man in the latest trailer.

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With Spider-Man: No Way Home juggling an impressive number of characters, you might wonder how it’s going to address them all in just a couple of hours. It turns out that No Way Home might rival Endgame as one of the longest MCU movies yet. A listing for an opening night IMAX event was spotted online by MCU Scoops which claimed the movie runtime would be 2h 49m [via We Got This Covered].

spider-man tobey maguire
Credit: Sony Pictures

Stock up on snacks for this one!

That would place Spider-Man: No Way Home as the second longest Marvel movie to date. Endgame still takes the top spot at 3h 1m, with Eternals coming a close second with 2h 37m. Having watched Eternals recently, it certainly feels like a long movie. However. it’s sort of necessary given how many new characters Eternals introduces. In comparison, Endgame flies by as the culmination of over a decade of cinema. No Way Home has a similar hype around it, seemingly opening up the MCU to a wealth of new opportunities.

It’s worth noting that the official runtime of Spider-Man: No Way Home has not yet been officially confirmed by Sony. It could be that the near 3-hour runtime is a placeholder for now with edits to the movie still being made. If the movie does turn out to be that long, you’ll definitely want to make sure you empty your bladder before sitting down!

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