Xbox Pre-Orders Have Gone Slightly Better Than PS5…Slightly

Today’s the day – pre-orders for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S have officially gone live, but were you lucky enough to snag yours?

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Unlike the PS5 pre-order event, Xbox had given gamers plenty of advance warning to get their pre-orders in, meaning that stores and online queues were already packed by the time the clock ran down.

Due to the heads-up (and due to the lack of retailers opening their orders early) lots of gamers were able to secure the console of their choice without too much hassle.

Credit: Microsoft

People picking up their Xbox of choice at full price seemed to have it the easiest, despite retailers including the UK websites for GAME and Smyth’s Toys reaching capacity and falling apart at the seams within minutes of the pre-orders going live.

Those seeking an Xbox using the monthly payment plan known as All Access seemed to have a much tougher time securing their pre-order.

Only two UK retailers were offering the Xbox-approved plan, which includes a console and 24 months of Game Pass Ultimate for one monthly fee. Both Smyth’s Toys and GAME’s websites were unable to keep up with demand, with both sites crashing consistently.

Credit: Microsoft/343 Industries

At the time of writing, both websites are still unable to handle capacity, with Smyth’s confirming that pre-orders are now unavailable. If you were hoping to get your Xbox with the All Access plan, you might be out of luck for now…

When Xbox All Access was revealed, the plan was met with great enthusiasm – especially from gamers who weren’t able to pay the upfront cost of a new console and an addition like Games Pass. However, the lack of availability of All Access has definitely caused more than just a little upset amongst gamers today.

Did you manage to get your Xbox pre-order in?

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft