Xbox Series X/S is selling much better than Xbox One did in Japan

Microsoft’s Xbox Series consoles are gaining popularity in Japan, with the Xbox Series out-selling the Xbox One by more than double.

If you’re pretty well-versed in all things gaming you’ll be well aware that Japan tends to favour its own brands when it comes to consoles. PlayStation and Nintendo consoles tend to be the main sellers, with Xbox consoles falling just behind the two big contenders.

However, that’s definitely starting to change with the current generation of consoles. As reported by Famitsu, the Xbox Series, which involves the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, has gone on to sell 260,504 units as of July 3rd. While the Xbox One sold around 114,831 in its lifespan.

That means the Xbox Series has sold over double Xbox One, and that’s something worth talking bout!

This news also comes months after we reported in May that the Xbox managed to outsell PlayStation for the first time in 8 years in Japan.

In response to the news, Aaron Greenberg, general manager of Xbox Game Marketing tweeted, “Thank you to everyone in Japan for choosing Xbox. We are grateful and look forward to your continued patronage.”

Xbox Outsells PlayStation In Japan For First Time In 8 Years


The days of PlayStation not being the highest seller are far from reality, however. Since its launch back in November 2020, the PS5 has gone on to sell around 1,727,545 units. And that’s while also having stock shortages in Japan, and overseas.

The console shortages could be one of the reasons why it’s being outsold by the Xbox Series.

Getting ahold of my PS5 was a chore and not something I expected to experience almost a year into its lifespan. And you still can’t just stroll into a game shop and expect to find one sitting on the shelves.

Some are contributing the power of the Xbox Game Pass and its value for money as being why many might be buying Xbox consoles over the PlayStation 5 in Japan.

During the Xbox Tokyo Game Show Showcase in 2020, Phil Spencer noted that “since we launched the Xbox Games Pass for both console and PC in Japan this past April, we’ve seen more players on Xbox devices, games and services than in any time in our history in the market.”

Whatever the reasoning behind the recent Xbox Series’ success in Japan, it’ll be interesting to see how sales continue over the next few months.

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Featured Image Credit: Microsoft / Xbox Source: How To Geek