xQc Almost Gets Banned From Kick Despite Only Just Joining The Platform

Despite only making the move to Kick last week, xQc almost saw himself get banned from the platform after breaking DMCA policies.

Last week saw Twitch’s most popular streamer make the move to rival platform, Kick. It’s no surprise Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel made the move after signing a $70,000,000 deal with live-streaming platform. 

So despite amassing over 11 million followers on Twitch, the content creator packed up his fanbase and moved to Kick.

With the latter platform offering their creators a 50/50 split as opposed to Twitch’s 70/30, it’s not surprising many streamers are following suit. 

xQc Almost Gets Banned From Kick

However, Lengyel’s new home was almost short-lived after he was almost banned for breaking DMCA rules. 

As a result of either not knowing the terms of use or choosing to ignore them, the Kick streamer decided to stream a full-movie. The movie in question was Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.

Although xQc seems to have an excellent choice in movies, his rule-breaking still managed to get noticed by Kick staff.

A movie almost worth the ban

The copyright laws were soon enforced when an hour into the film, Kick moderators intervened and told the streamer to stop streaming and take down the VOD. If not, further action would be taken. 

“Hello there, we would like to notify you that streaming the specific content is in violation of our DMCA policy. Therefore, we kindly ask you to stop your live stream and be aware that we will need to remove the current VOD containing this content,” read the warning.

A Close Call

Luckily, xQc quickly stopped the movie and complied with the moderator’s warning. As a result, we don’t know what would have happened if he’d ignored warnings.

However, with a strict copyright policy, we can imagine he would have at least received a temporary ban.

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With Kick paying the content creator a fortune to make the leap from Twitch, this would have been very unfortunate indeed.