xQc Claims Pokimane and Hasan Are “Scared” Of Kick’s Potential Success

With xQc making the $100 million deal with Kick, he has now claimed that Pokimane and Hasan won’t follow suit due to fear over Kick’s success. 

xQc made history recently after signing a $100 million deal with the streaming platform, Kick. With it being Twitch’s biggest rival, many content creators are making the jump with news that the platform offers a bigger revenue split (70/30 to Twitch’s 50/50). 

However, after news that Pokimane didn’t want to risk her “morals” by joining and Hasan expressing his criticism, xQc thinks he knows the real reason why. 

xQc Claims Pokimane and Hasan Are “Scared” Of Kick’s Potential Success

After Pokimane recently revealed that she wouldn’t make the move to Kick even if they offered her $10 million, she isn’t the only Twitch streamer to be against the idea.

Fellow content creator and left-wing political commentator, Hasan Piker also expressed criticism over the up-and-coming platform. As well as calling out Kick’s lax rules on explicit sexual content, Hasan also believes the platform will face scrutiny from both creators and the media.

However, for official Kick streamer xQc, he believes the real reason is based on fear.

June 22 saw the streamer watch Hasan’s livestream in which he was discussing the platform with MoistCr1TiKal. 

With Hasan previously having concerns about Kick’s link to online casino site, Stake.com and Moist having described Twitch as a “sinking ship,” the two had a lot to say. Unsurprisingly, so did xQc.

Credit: xQc

The Comments

“The only reason they’re talking s**t is that they’ve just realized that ‘holy f**k, it might actually work’, and that scares them,” xQc said. “Because if this s**t fails and they pull the plug, all they will have is their morals and ethics in their hands, and f**king nothing else. And not a platform to brag about it anymore.

“Empty hands, morals, and that should be enough for you. Morals and ethics should be what you care about, right? Not what it comes with then? But it seems like these guys, they want to dip their f**king bread into the sauce, and they want to also eat it then. And there’s a chance they might not be able to do that then if that s**t f**ks up, and that scares them.

“They are afraid, and I’m not gonna say ‘oh, they’re just because they’re broke’, I’m not gonna do that. Actually, I will, yes. They are scared because they might become broke then.”

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