Horizon Forbidden West Adds A Touching Tribute To Sylens Actor Lance Reddick

Guerrilla Games has added a touching tribute to Horizon Forbidden West to commemorate Sylen’s actor, Lance Reddick. 

After the tragic loss of actor Lance Reddick back in March, the games he lent his voice to have gone out of their way to pay tribute. Now Guerrilla Games has followed suit by adding a beautiful in-game tribute to their Burning Shores DLC. 

Horizon Forbidden West Touching Tribute

This news comes courtesy of the latest update added to Horizon Forbidden West’s Burning Shores. Spotted by Twitter user @MdeavorVP and reported by Push Square, the tribute can be found tucked away in a secluded part of the game’s environment.

As you can see from the screenshot, the actor’s name is high up on the tree’s canopy amongst a beautiful nature-filled environment. It is the perfect place you can take Aloy and sit in contemplation to remember the actor who brought life to Sylens.

Where To Find It

If you wish to head over to the area yourself, the same Twitter user included a map which you can follow.

More specifically, the tribute is located on the first island where you meet Seyka for the first time during Burning Shores. 

“Fly or swim across due south from the campfire on the beach,” says Reddit user Imperial007. “It’s just on the ridge above the beach. Easiest to spot at night if you have any trouble because of the holographic light.”

With Reddick playing the role of Sylens in both Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West, this is a heartwarming way for the developers to show their appreciation.

However, Guerrilla Games are yet to confirm how they will portray Sylens in the future of the series. 

Whatever happens, it is clear to see how much of an impact Reddick made on the gaming industry. This was also seen when the Destiny community paid tribute to the actor during the Guardian Games earlier this year.

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