You Absolutely Have To Play The New Mad Father Remake

Back in the early days of YouTube Let’s Plays, RPG Maker and pixel horror games dominated. Games such as Ao Oni, The Witch’s House, Ib and Mad Father were the go-to titles for growing gaming channels, including the one and only PewDiePie. The charming old-school graphics – complete with difficult puzzles, jumpscares and strong narratives – meant that games like these saw huge success. I’ve been waiting years for them to come to Nintendo Switch, so imagine my surprise when I happened to notice that Mad Father had finally landed on the Nintendo eShop. Here’s why you absolutely need to play the Mad Father remake.

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If you’ve not heard of Mad Father then don’t worry. Aside from its success on YouTube and its devoted online fandoms, the indie game developed by sen didn’t seem to stretch as far as indie games now can do. Originally released in 2012, Mad Father is a horror-puzzle game with a similar art style to games like To The Moon. You play as a young girl named Aya, who finds herself trapped in her large mansion-like home as she tries to escape and appease ghostly spirits in order to save her father. A tale of terror, love and mystery, Mad Father has some wonderful characters and an even better storyline.

Just last month, Mad Father relaunched as a full remake (which is available for free if you already own the game through Steam). Unlike many remakes, this newer version of Mad Father has improved on its predecessor in a bazillion tiny ways which all make for a much better experience. Honestly, you need to play the remake of Mad Father.

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The original version was, at times, a very tough game with esoteric puzzles comparable to the likes of Silent Hill, but the remake has introduced new tweaks to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. A new Missions tab will keep track of your goals, while prompts will help you progress if you’re unsure of your next move. Snowball, Aya’s pet rabbit, is now pettable (as is tradition in gaming now), and there’s even new events and chapters to enjoy.

Best of all, the game has received a complete graphics overhaul, with redesigns of all the characters and the levels themselves. While the charming pixel style still remains, there’s now more detail, offering up a much more magical experience.

Mad Father screenshot

Admittedly, yes, I have been waiting for Mad Father to come to Nintendo Switch for a long time, so I was always going to love it. However, when I played the game back in 2013, I found it tough at times. With a few hours already sunk into the remake, the improvements to the game have made it more enjoyable than ever, with less moments of “what now?” and more moments of “okay, just ONE more puzzle..!”

Where the older version would challenge you with surprise death sequences and kick you back to your last save point, the remake seems to be more fairly-paced. Save points are more frequent, potential deaths are more forgiving, and – though quick time events are present – you’re given a little more leeway without sacrificing on difficulty.

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I can definitely say that the Mad Father remake is a dream come true for horror gamers and classic RPG Maker fans. If you’re looking for a new terrifying adventure that doesn’t break the bank, the Mad Father remake is absolutely worth the cost.

Pick up the remake of Mad Father on Steam here or on Nintendo Switch!

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