You Can Now Buy Official DOOM Eternal Vodka And It’s Made With Real Bones

For a demonic hangover.

Credit: Bethesda/Rebel Distillers

DOOM Eternal is dropping later this year, but if you can’t wait until the release you can always tide yourself over with some official Doom booze.

Yes, Rebel Distillers has partnered with Bethesda to bring DOOM Bone Vodka to the shelves, and it’s pretty much guaranteed to be one of the best alcoholic beverages for Halloween.

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Credit: Bethesda/Rebel Distillers

Described as a “drink for vodka lovers,” the Bone Vodka itself is an organic wheat base, but with a hellish twist.

According to the makers, animal bones sourced from London butchers, The Ginger Pig, are roasted and smoked. Next the marrow is extracted and macerated in neutral grain alcohol.

Credit: Bethesda/Rebel Distillers

“To extract the best flavour and the clearest spirit, it’s distilled at a very low temperature in a vacuum still to collect the essence of what makes this flavour a delicacy,” says a press release on the product.


Created by Rebel Distillers’ founder, Matt McGivern and Distiller Toby Sims, the limited edition vodka is “made using the finest quality and ethically sourced beef bones and organic ingredients.”

McGivern said: “We’re tapping into one of the world’s favorite
hobbies, video games, to offer a unique perspective in spirit production.

“DOOM Eternal is a world of flames and demons, a barbeque pit with action– a smoked bone vodka is certainly a new take on spirit provenance.”

You can pre-order yourself a bottle of DOOM Bone Vodka right here, with the first batch shipping at the end of the this month.

DOOM Eternal releases on November 22, 2019. ICYMI, check out the latest story trailer from E3 earlier this year.

The game’s official description reads: “DOOM Eternal puts you in control of the DOOM Slayer as you blow apart new and classic demons with powerful weapons in unbelievable and never-before-seen worlds.

“Experience the ultimate combination of speed and power as you rip and tear your way across dimensions with the next leap in push-forward, first-person combat.”

Will you be picking this up?

Please drink responsibly.

Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Rebel Distillers

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