You Can Now Earn Thousands Of Dollars By Playing Fortnite

If you fancy yourself as being world-class when it comes to playing Fortnite, you’ll be pretty happy with this news.

Following on from Tyler “Ninja” Blevins’ Las Vegas event in April, where players took on Ninja in an attempt to win $50,000, he’s now organised a second (smaller) event.

Partnering with Red Bull, players will head to Ninja’s home just outside Chicago in an attempt to beat him and a mystery player in a duos competition. The winner can bag themselves $2,250 by coming in first. The event, named Red Bull Rise Till Dawn, promises to be all kinds of exciting.

Red Bull said: “When the sun sets in the West on July 21, teams of two will hop on the battle bus, grabbing their favorite pickaxe and glide for Red Bull Rise Till Dawn, a dusk to dawn Fortnite Battle Royale duo competition taking place on the 99th floor of Chicago’s famed Willis Tower. Featuring a unique scoring system, the tournament will start as soon as the sun sets at 8:21 PM and continue throughout the night as teams battle to accumulate the most points possible before the sun rises over Lake Michigan at 5:35 AM.”

Credit: Red Bull

Fortnite Insider added: “Teams of two will compete for points based on end game placement and eliminations of other players. Additional points will be awarded for the elimination of Ninja and his teammate. For a complete breakdown on the tournament, more rules and regulations on Red Bull Rise Till Dawn can be found HERE.”

Credit: Epic Games

Although the tournament sold out just hours after it was announced, it looks like there will be plenty of others to come. So if you fancy taking him on yourself, make sure you’re checking regularly for the next event. Oh, and if you win big, make sure you remember we gave you the heads up and buy us a drink. It’s only fair, surely.