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You Can Now Pet The Dogs In Skyrim

Let’s be honest: if you have a dog in your video game, it should absolutely be pettable. Heck, if I could, I’d pet the weird mutant Resident Evil doggos. While that’s likely never going to become a thing, at least we can now pet the dogs in Skyrim.

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Thanks to Skyrim modder JaySerpa, your Dragonborn hero can now spend their downtime giving scritches to their favourite canine. The mod’s Nexusmods page shows just how passionate JaySerpa is about dogs and the option to pet their floofy heads:

“I couldn’t believe it’s the year 2021 of our Lord Talos and you still couldn’t pet dogs in Skyrim. Well, I say NO MORE.

skyrim pet the dog
Credit: Bethesda/GameByte

“I realize this might seem like a joke mod given the date, but I assure you it is NOT. After 10 years, we’ve seen all sorts of ehem, interesting mods but there is one key aspect that was always missing, so I made it happen:

“Dragonborn, take off your iron gauntlets, for today is not the time to be dauntless. Forget about the greybeards and the voice, your duty is now only to rejoice. Yes, you heard it right: Tell Alduin, to put the apocalypse on hold, for I am proud to announce: ‘Yes, you can pet the dog!’”

pet the dog skyrim
Credit: Bethesda/Nexusmods:jayserpa

The mod’s FAQ section is also an absolute treat. It covers important questions such as “Can we pet cats? Can we pet chickens? Can we pet horses? Can we pet guards?” – to which the answer is sadly no.


JaySerpa has also clarified that this mod is just part of a bigger Skyrim project, one that will extend beyond petting dogs. The modder has released the “Pet the Dog” section of their project first so that players can show some affection to their virtual pet without extensively modifying the game.

If you’d like to show your Nordic pups some love by petting the dogs in Skyrim, you can download this fantastic mod from Nexusmods.com!

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Featured Image Credit: Bethesda/Nexusmods:jayserpa/GameByte