You Can Now Play Metroid Dread On Nintendo Switch For Free – Here’s How

You can now play the awesome Metroid Dread for the Nintendo Switch for free. This is certainly a treat for Halloween.

Even the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter enjoys the spooky season… No trick though, here’s a pre-Halloween treat: a demo of Metroid Dread is available now! Download it from Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch today,” tweeted Nintendo.

Where can I download the free Metroid Dread demo?

As stated in the tweet above, the demo is available to download via the Nintendo Switch eShop. The demo can be downloaded from the website or directly from your Nintendo Switch.

metroid dread gameplay
Credit: Nintendo

A free demo of Metroid Dread is now available. Descend into the depths of planet ZDR and get a taste of Samus Aran’s latest mission as the E.M.M.I. hunt you down!

Metroid Dread was released earlier this month and already it is considered to be one of the best games to release this year. In fact, Metroid Dread is the first original side-scrolling Metroid game since Metroid Fusion for the GBA in 2002. So, it’s been more than worth the wait.

YouTube video

“masterclass in tension and atmosphere”

Metroid Dread is certainly a return to form for the series. But then, did it ever really lose it? Oh yeah, there was Metroid Prime: Federation Force for the 3DS in 2016. Let’s pretend that never happened.

We described Metroid Dread as a “masterclass in tension and atmosphere,” you can read our impressions of the game here.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/MercurySteam