You Can Play Horizon Zero Dawn On A Nintendo Switch

Yes, that is correct, you can play PlayStation exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn on a Nintendo Switch console. Albeit by jumping through some shady loops.

Horizon Zero Dawn in my opinion is one of the best video games of its generation, and a game that I am constantly revisiting. So, I would love to play this fantastic game on the go. Well, now I can, kind of.

Spotted by GamesRadar (picked up by TheGamer), a crafty Reddit user has found a way to stream Horizon Zero Dawn from their PS4 console to a Nintendo Switch. Colour me impressed!

However, the process is a little shady and would require you to mod your Nintendo Switch. Something that Nintendo isn’t fond of and if you’re not careful, you could brick your console.

horizon zero dawn
Credit: Guerrilla Games

So how is Horizon Zero Dawn being played on a Nintendo Switch?

Reddit user Snom-leader modded their Nintendo Switch so that they could run the Lineage operating system. Lineage is an Android-based operating system that unofficially unlocks the Nintendo Switch to run a variety of programs that wouldn’t normally run on the console.

By being able to run Lineage OS on the Switch, the Reddit user was then able to install a program called PSPlay. With PSPlay installed, the Reddit user was then able to stream games such as Horizon Zero Dawn from a PlayStation console.

YouTube video

Granted, you will need a decent wi-fi connection to stream games with a certain degree of stability. Yet, in the Reddit post, the user claims to have a poor internet connection. So, it is possible that Horizon Zero Dawn could run even smoother on a better internet connection.

However, as impressive as this is, we certainly would not recommend modding your Nintendo Switch. You will not only void your warranty, but you’ll also run a risk of bricking your console, making it unplayable.

YouTube video

In related news, many hope that the HZD sequel, Horizon Forbidden West will release for PS4 and PS5 this year. However, Sony is not quite sure.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Guerrilla Games