Miles Morales Actor Seemingly Teases Spider-Man 2 And Deletes Tweet

The actor that played Miles Morales in Marvel’s Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales has seemingly teased a new sequel.

As reported by Game Rant, an image was posted online by Nadji Jeter. He is the voice actor of Miles Morales in the video games from Ratchet & Clank developer, Insomniac Games.

YouTube video

The image was removed

The post on social media from Jeter featured an image of the actor in motion-cap gear. However, the image was swiftly removed, but certainly not lost.

Consequently, with the internet being the internet, the image was quickly screen-captured and re-posted online by followers of the actor.

It is possible that Jeter could be in motion-cap gear for an unrelated game, but a sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man seems highly likely. However, we must take all unconfirmed rumours with a pinch of salt due to their speculative nature.

Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac Games is one of the most successful PlayStation exclusive titles in recent years, so news of the potential sequel will likely be music to many fans’ ears.

spider-man miles morales new suit
Credit: Insomniac Games

Is there truth to recent speculation?

In potentially related news, back in April this year Insomniac Games was reportedly working on an unannounced project. Could the two stories be related somehow?

YouTube video

Do you think that the social media post from Nadji Jeter is related to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Let us know across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Insomniac Games