You’ll Soon Be Able To Play Even More Spider-Man Thanks To A Massive Update 

Spider-Man was always going to be a huge success but it seems no-one’s been able to put the game down since it released at the start of September. 

The PlayStation 4 exclusive from the lovely bunch at Insomniac Games has wowed its fans and has earned itself near-perfect scores across the board. 

Records-wise, the title has already wiped the floor with other PS4 exclusives of 2018 – most notably, God of War, already selling more copies in its first week.

Although some have been disheartened at the game’s 20 hour campaign it seems like it won’t be too long to wait until we get even more Spider-Man. 

A fan recently asked Insomniac Games whether or not a New Game Plus mode would be headed to the title and was told: “yes working on it now and polishing it up!” 

Definitely sounds like a sooner-rather-than-later thing to us! 

New Game Plus modes are one of the best ways to breathe new life into an already-completed game. 

God of War’s NG+, for example, introduced more difficult battles from the start, allowed for all weapons from previous completed playthroughs to be brought into a new game from the beginning and even added the ability to skip cutscenes. 

Even those of you who’ve already completed Spider-Man are likely to find something new once an NG+ mode is released, so here’s hoping we get it soon. 

If it sounds like Spider-Man and God of War are in direct competition then don’t worry – it seems there’s nothing but love between the creators.

God of War director Cory Barlog recently tweeted his appreciation of the game and it seems he’s just as obsessed with Spider-Man as the rest of us.

Sharing an adorable video of his family enjoying the game together, he tweeted: “Spider-Journal Day 3: 

“Helo thinks Spiderman is the greatest thing ever. He can’t stop laughing as Anna plays. 

“Still waiting for my turn.” 

Chatting with fans via Twitter Barlog added: “loving [the game] when I get to play. Which is still only a little.” 

Have you been playing Spider-Man? 

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