Your Pets Can Now Cosplay As Animal Crossing: New Horizons Townsfolk

Every pet owner thinks their pets are the cutest in the world (and they’re wrong, because my pets are the cutest in the world. Fact). However, even the squishiest, loveliest, cuddliest four-legged friends can level up with some decent pet-friendly cosplay, and who better to cosplay as than Animal Crossing’s Tom Nook?

Thanks to cosplaying store Miccostumes, you can now dress up your fur babies in the iconic attire of your AC: New Horizons island. From Tom Nook’s Hawaiian shirt to the tanuki maestro’s ears, your feline or pooch can go full Nintendo with their line of pet clothes.

Credit: miccostumes

The Tom Nook shirt is available in both blue and cream, while the Nook hood promises to fit snugly on the head of your beloved pets. As you can see in the images, this is some seriously cool cosplay!

Prices start at just $15.99 USD, which is nothing, considering how Instagram-worthy they are.

Credit: miccostumes

Animal Crossing is just the beginning though, as the website also stocks a whole bunch of other pet cosplay costumes, including outfits inspired by Dragon Ball Z, Demon Slayer and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Check out the whole range here.

If that’s not enough Animal Crossing for you, did you know that Isabelle has been modded into Resident Evil 3 Remake?

With RE 3 having only just released, there’s not too many mods out there right now, but one that caught our eye was the horrendously terrifying creation from NexusMods pro modder,  Crazy Potato.

Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods

The head of everyone’s favourite mild-mannered yellow poodle has been stuck onto Jill’s body via the mod, and the results are as hilarious as they are horrifying.

Known as the “Isabelle Mask,” the creator writes simply of the mod: “Jill is a fan…Replaces Jill’s head with an Isabelle Mask from AC.”

Credit: Nintendo/Capcom/NexusMods

At the time of writing, the mod is only available for the demo of Resident Evil 3, though Crazy Potato promises they’re working on a full version now the game has launched.

You can download it and try it out for yourself over on NexusMods right here.

Featured Image Credit: Miccostumes