YouTuber Boogie2988 Under Fire After Seemingly Admitting To Tax Fraud On Stream

YouTube Boogie2988 has caused a lot of upset on Reddit, after he explained the pros of tax evasion during a livestream.

In the video, which you can watch below, Boogie says: “If I sell [an item] I have to pay an income tax on [what] I sell, if there’s a paper trail. If I sell ’em to a friend for 20 bucks then none’s the wiser.”

The post has been getting a lot of attention on Reddit, where it’s received more than a thousand upvotes at the time of writing.

One Redditor responded to the clip with a quote supposedly from Keemstar, writing: “Keemstar: ‘What Boogie said is standard business practice, it’s just like when McDonalds sells Big Macs for cash, doesn’t print a receipt, and pockets the tax money.'”

Another viewer questioned whether the video is a joke or not, asking: “Is he memeing or does he actually think this is a smart plan? I find it hard to believe someone could be that dense…….”

Credit: Boogie2988

“What he described is a very smart plan for avoiding taxes,” wrote another. “Telling the world that he is doing it is the dumb part.”

Boogie responded to the backlash on Twitter, where he said: “For clarification I am building inventory to sell on tcg player. 600 dollars for a case of cards can sometimes net you 800 in inventory. So you have a 600 dollar wrote off until you sell the cards.”

“So I guess the new troll meme is me admitting that if I sell 20 dollars worth of magic cards to a friend there is no paper trail is now tax fraud?

“The IRS won’t miss that chump change. I promise.

“Is that what counts as troll content now? Hilarious. Sad. But, hilarious.”

Credit: Boogie2988

He then seemingly tweeted a receipt of his paid taxes as evidence, before deleting it. He then tweeted: “Ok fine. I deleted the tweet that showed my taxes paid for the year. You guys are right. Anyone stupid enough to believe that I’m a tax evader or I’d participate in tax evasion isn’t worth my time.”

Credit: Boogie2988

Seems like an innocent mistake of bad wording, but when you’re a YouTuber it’s easy to say to the wrong thing and have it blow up in your face…





Featured Image Credit: Boogie2988