A pocket sized nuclear power plant!

YouTuber Creates Nuclear Powered Handheld Tetris Console

If you’ve ever played a handheld console, then you’ll be well aware of the trials and tribulations of battery life. While things have certainly improved compared to the ’90s, making sure you’ve got enough juice for a lengthy gaming session is still a pain. However, an inventive YouTuber has come up with an unconventional solution to our gaming woes, and it involves nuclear power [via Stealth Optional].

Nuclear Handheld Tetris
Credit: youtube/iancharnas

That’s right, Ian Charnas, a YouTuber with an engineering degree, has managed to create a “Nuclear powered Game Boy” using a DIY battery. Now, I know what you’re thinking; why would anyone do this? Well, while the project sounds completely ridiculous, the console will be able to power itself for a hundred years, thanks to its battery’s 25 tritium tubes and dual solar panel setup. Beats using AA batteries and a bunch of wishful thinking!

Now, it’s worth mentioning that Charnas’ nuclear handheld isn’t actually a Game Boy. In fact, it’s actually one of those cheap Tetris consoles you’ve probably seen on eBay or Wish. Also, while the battery can provide the device with a century’s worth of power, it cannot power the console on its own in real-time. Instead, the nuclear battery is used to charge numerous small solid-state cells, which only leak 2.5 percent generated power. Pretty efficient!

Nuclear Handheld Tetris battery
Credit: youtube/iancharnas

While the word nuclear sounds pretty dangerous, Charnas provide reassurances that the console is safe. In fact, according to the YouTuber, the device’s generator style battery is about as radioactive as a piece of granite. Therefore, the console’s not going to unintentionally create a doomsday scenario. Unless, y’know, your Tetris induced rage is comparable to a nuclear weapon.

For more quirky inventions and ridiculous experiments, check out Ian Charnas’ YouTube channel.

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: youtube/iancharnas