Zelda Breath Of The Wild Glitch Turns It Into A First-Person Adventure

A glitch has transformed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild into a first-person experience, as noted by Gamespot.

breath of the wild
Credit: Nintendo

If you want to try the glitch for yourself, it’s actually simple!

The anomaly was discovered by Twitter user Axk_000, who posted a short demonstration video. In the clip, Axk_000 enables the Sheikah Slate’s camera before jumping into the game’s inventory.

The Twitter user then quickly toggles an item hold. When cancelled, this causes the camera’s UI to vanish. The result? A clean first-person perspective through the eyes of Link himself. Check it out in the tweet below!

3D Zelda games traditionally feature a third-person perspective. While aiming with a bow or slingshot can be done from a first-person viewpoint, but players will spend most of the Zelda series observing from behind.

Zelda Breath of the Wild’s first-person glitch feels familiar, yet changes the game’s vibe dramatically. Looking at Hyrule’s expanse through Link’s eyes is special, and feels almost like a Nintendo-themed Elder Scrolls mod. It’s well worth trying out yourself!

breath of the wild
Credit: Nintendo

While the glitch is pretty neat, it doesn’t allow for combat. Essentially, this newfound perspective is just camera mode without the HUD. The glitch leaves behind the Sheikah Camera’s letterboxed aspect ratio, making the affair feel somewhat cinematic.

Providing that Nintendo doesn’t patch the glitch, it could be used to produce some gorgeous sightseeing videos of Hyrule. I’d personally love to see someone play the game like it’s Pokemon Snap while narrating in a David Attenborough accent.

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Credit: Nintendo

The Legend of Zelda has changed a lot throughout the years. Who knows, maybe a first-person perspective could be adopted in the future! It worked well for Resident Evil 7.

Switching between perspectives could give the series a whole new dynamic, especially when it comes to immersion. That being said, Nintendo would have to change the game’s combat mechanics, which could change the whole experience at hand. 

Why not try out the glitch for yourself and let us know how you get on!

Featured Image Credit: Nintendo