Leaked ‘Screenshot From Bully 2’ Appears To Show New Protagonist

The amount of supposed leaks for the apparently in-development Bully 2 that have hit the internet over the past few months have been staggering – but they’re all adding fuel to the rumour that yeah, it might be a game that’s actually happening.

Yet again someone has taken to social media to share what they claim is a screenshot directly from Bully 2 [via Dexerto] – as always – take this with a pinch of salt.

Image: Twitter via Dexerto

The screenshot comes from Japan-based Twitter user @Lumeja [via Reddit], and although a lot of the image was drawn over, there are some notable bits left on display.

The ‘leak’ appears to show a menu for the game, along with an image of what’s probably the game’s main protagonist, though whether or not it’s Bully’s problematic hero, Jimmy Hopkins, remains unclear.

Credit: Reddit: Xiaoyume

Despite being posted by Lumeja, it appears as though they’re not the person who snagged the screenshot, as Lumeja themself raised some concerns about the legitimacy of the image.

In the now-removed tweet, Lumeja asks if the wording is too spaced out to be real, whether or not the words “Social Club” should be in English and whether the currency shown should be in dollars or yen.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Of course, it’s not known whether the image is legit or not, but you have to marvel at the attention to detail if it is a fake as it shows a link to Rockstar’s Social Club, something that’s been in every Rockstar game since 2008.

Credit: Rockstar Games

Last year, a leaked casting call suggested that Rockstar was casting to revive the beloved IP, and that’s when we started to get some supposed information from people ‘close’ to the developers.

What do you think about the ‘news’? Real or fake?

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games