13 Things Every Gamer Needs for the Perfect Set Up

Making your set up a million times better


We aren’t going to mess around with PC specs in this article, you all know more than enough about them already so we are looking at peripherals and other items that make that setup so much better – even if they only cost $5!

Air Canister

Air Canister (Amazon)
This is for cleaning your keyboard out of all of those crumbs and also to safely clean out any dust from inside your PC case. A must for and PC gamer out there.

Large Mousepad

Large Mousepad (Amazon)
We aren’t talking a little mousepad that you get at your office or school computers we are talking about a proper gaming mousepad. This is so when you are playing an online shooter you can easily whip round and shoot an enemy sneaking up behind you without running out of mousepad space!

A controller

A controller (Amazon)
This is for all those games that work much better on controller rather than mouse and keyboard. Have you ever tried to use Mouse and Keyboard to play Rocket League? Literally impossible.

Mouse wire holder

Mouse wire holder (Amazon)
This is great for FPS games as it helps prevent your mouse wire getting caught on anything while you are playing. Although that does limit your excuses when you die…

USB Desk fan

USB Desk fan (Amazon)
For those long gaming sessions that you have during the warm summer nights this will keep you and your room nice and cool. Especially with you PC chucking out loads of warm air right at your feet!

Portable Hard Drive

Portable Hard Drive (Amazon)
If you have too many games to store on your PC – or in fact you are subscribed to PS+ or Xbox Gold one of these is a must so that you don’t have to download the full game every time you want to play it!

LED Lights

LED Lights (Amazon)
These aren’t as practical as the other items in this list but boy do they make things look a lot better. They also aren’t that expensive at all!

Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair (Amazon)
Don’t worry this isn’t a 399 ‘can you do this’ priced chair. We had a look around and found one that was very highly rated but also a decent price for a gaming chair. Being able to sit in one place for hours on end is key and this will make sure you can do exactly that.

Webcam and Mic Stand

Webcam (Amazon)
Mic Stand (Amazon)
For all you streamers who are just starting out, these two things (along with a mic) are key to your success on Twitch/YouTube.

Headset holder

Headset holder (Amazon)
This is key to keeping your desk tidy and also making sure your headset doesn’t get damaged. You can also fit more than one on here so if you have a set of headphones or have his and her setups next to each other then you can easily find both of your headsets at any point.

Cable management Sleeve

Cable management Sleeve (Amazon)
Bad cable management is enough to set anyones teeth on edge. These are to make sure that your cables are all in order and won’t cause any problems with getting knotted into each other. These are also great if you have pets who like to get themselves caught in wires or like to play/chew on them. Keep your pets safe and your computer safe.

Razer Tartarus

Razer Tartarus (Amazon)
The ultimate PC gaming piece of kit that is perfect for hectic shooter and MOBA’s alike the Razer Tartarus is the dream piece of kit that we all aspire to own.

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