Capcom hasn’t ruled out Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake

Capcom hasn’t ruled out the possibility of Resident Evil Code: Veronica receiving a remake at some point in the future.

Fans have been waiting for an official remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica for years. While there are seemingly no plans for that to happen just yet, Capcom has given its fans a glimmer of hope. At least.

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Could a Code: Veronica remake finally happen?

When asked by video game media outlet Noisy Pixel if Code: Veronica will ever get a remake, Resident Evil 4 remake producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi replied: “if the opportunity comes, maybe.

Sure, that is by no means official confirmation, but at least it signifies that the remake is in the thoughts of Capcom. The Japanese developer has been knocking RE remakes out of the park lately with the most recent entry, Resident Evil 4 arriving next year.

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However, many fans have argued that Resident Evil Code: Veronica should have received the remake treatment before RE4. To be fair, fans have very valid points.

As of right now, Capcom has released remakes of the original Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 as well as Resident Evil 3 with the RE4 remake arriving on March 24th, 2023.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica remake makes sense

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The next mainline chronological release after RE3 is Code: Veronica. So, it left fans puzzled that Code: Veronica starring Claire and Chris Redfield was skipped entirely. Not to mention that CV was released four years prior to Resident Evil 4.

Furthermore, to this day, the original Resident Evil 4 still plays wonderfully, which is probably why it continues to receive ports. The most recent of which was Resident Evil 4 VR for Meta Quest 2. Moreover, Code: Veronica is the last traditional RE game with its old-school tank controls.

As a result, while I am still a fan of tank controls, it can be argued that RECV hasn’t aged quite as well as RE4. This again is another factor as to why fans really want to see this game remade.

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Please Capcom, make it happen!

Capcom hasn’t officially announced its plans post-RE4 remake. However, it’s likely that we’ll get a follow-up to Resident Evil Village. That being said, we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed that Code: Veronica will get the remake it deserves.

While we wait for Capcom to officially remake RECV, we can also check out the fan remake of Resident Evil Code: Veronica until that day arrives. Hopefully.

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In related news, the latest Resident Evil Showcase took place last week and we were treated to some glorious RE4 remake gameplay. Oh, and Resident Evil Re:Verse is finally releasing this week!

Furthermore, this week will see the launch of the Winters Expansion for RE Village. The Winters Expansion will also be released as a bundle in the Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition.

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