343 reveals more of Halo Infinite’s Forge mode

In a new update, 343 revealed some new details about the upcoming Forge mode in Halo Infinite.

Forge mode is a creative tool players can use to build their own Halo maps. It spawned a lot of community creations over the years, with both memorable custom games and multiplayer maps added to matchmaking. But currently, Halo Infinite still doesn’t have Forge mode.

We’ve been seeing leaks of Forge mode for a while, with clips surfacing online from people who have early access to the mode. It’s looking like a much more advanced version of Forge, but so far the regular player base hasn’t been able to use it.

But in a recent update from 343, we got another look at Forge mode, along with a release date for the beta. There were a lot more details shared too, such as new maps, weapons and the cancellation of split-screen co-op. However, it’s Forge mode which seems be exciting people the most.

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Forge Ahead

We now know that the Forge beta will release on November 8th. It coincides with the release of a new “Winter Update”, which is now taking the place of season 3 until March 2023.

We also saw some glimpses of upcoming Forge maps, otherwise known as “canvases”. These are essentially the backdrops you can build on in Forge, and they look pretty beautiful. There’s one based on the Zeta Halo biome, a desert canvas, an underwater canvas, and various space backdrops.

343 also showed off some of the items we can place in Forge, like spaceships, dead brutes, toys, banners and various UNSC props. We also know Forge will allow players to script their own mechanics in their maps, which should hopefully lead to a lot of great custom games. It also supports the placement of upwards of 7000 objects.

Disappointingly though, there won’t be a custom games browser until March 2023 at the earliest. Hopefully 343 will improve custom games for Forge’s release.

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