5% Of Marriages Ended In Divorce Because Of Fortnite This Year 

That’s a lot of divorces… 


Fortnite’s known to have affected a lot of kids and families, but now it seems it’s also been affecting some marriages. 

Divorce Online has released a press release stating that 5% of 2018’s UK divorces are cited to have been because of Fortnite causing a rift (sorry) between married couples. 

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Fortnite has been referenced in 200 of the 4665 divorce petitions received by Divorce Online since the beginning of 2018, equating to around 5%. 

It’s easy to see the impact the game has had on peoples’ relationships, with lots of people tweeting about their partners’ obsessions with the game (we won’t name and shame them here though, don’t worry!) 

The mammoth success of the Epic Games title has rocketed the game to success, and its free-to-play battle royale mode can be played on pretty much any device you own, meaning it’s easier than ever to dip into the game even if you’re on a bus, a train or if you’re on a date…apparently. 


Fortnite has a huge following within the younger gaming community, and it’s been cited as the game that’s responsible for causing problems in children’s schools and home lives. 

Schools have warned of the apparent dangers that can arise from playing video games like Fortnite, and we’ve even seen physical violence against parents who try to get their kids to stop fighting for that oh-so-sweet Victory Royale. 

Recently a 14-year-old boy reportedly headbutted his mum after she took away his PS4.

His mother, Britta Hodge, believes that her son, Logan, is addicted to online gaming. At the moment, he is ‘obsessed’ with Fortnite.

Britta claims that Logan spends ‘all night long’ in their home in Sydney, Australia, and ‘only leaves to eat or go to the toilet’.

She’s revealed her struggles on Australian TV show, 60 minutes, saying: “It’s not as simple as taking the cord away and going, ‘Oh well, bad luck, you haven’t got the internet’.

“Because the repercussions from that – angry, aggressive – we’ve had to call the police. I have been headbutted, I’ve had concussions.”



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