A Mass Effect TV Series Could Be In The Works At Amazon

It seems that a live-action Mass Effect TV series could be in the works for Amazon Prime Video as a deal is “nearing.”

In an exclusive by Deadline with Amazon Studios boss Jennifer Salke, it’s said that a deal is nearing. Amazon Studios have been making a big push in the streaming market recently, with the likes of The Lord of the Rings prequel expected to air in late 2022.

Credit: New Line Cinema

Details on the Mass Effect TV series are very vague at this time, as production is a long way off. After all, a deal must first be struck for production to begin. That said, it’s an exciting prospect nonetheless for fans of the series. Especially with the financial power that Amazon can provide.

We don’t know when the TV series will be set, what story it will tell, or which characters will feature. Furthermore, there’s even a chance that the series may not happen. Though we hope that won’t be the case.

YouTube video

Last year it was revealed by EA and BioWare that a new Mass Effect game is in the works, which will follow on from the events of Mass Effect 3. However, its release isn’t expected to arrive until 2023 (if we’re lucky).

However, we have the Mass Effect Legendary Edition to keep us busy until the new game or the series arrives. Heck, we could even give Mass Effect: Andromeda another chance?

YouTube video

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Featured Image Credit: EA/BioWare